Our Story....So Far

With a clear objective to provide ‘great coffee in a casual atmosphere’ our family business began in 2007 with Café 54 in Perth, Australia. Our passion for specialty coffee demanded a commitment to knowledge and skills that ultimately led to roasting. To this end, Michael travelled to the USA to learn all he could about roasting. With professional training by a leading specialty coffee roaster and Q-grader, Mané Alves, he returned to Australia and began roasting in earnest.

The unique nature of the specialty coffee industry is its commitment to excellence at every level, from the grower through to the barista and finally the consumer. The people you often meet in this industry care about the environment, care about people and are passionate about coffee. And that’s why we love this industry.

As any world-class chefs will tell you, a culinary masterpiece begins with the quality and freshness of ingredients. At Essence of Coffee we source only Arabica varietals, grown in the most exacting conditions. We predominantly choose micro-lot coffees featuring exceptional taste profiles identified by Q-grade standards to be higher than 85.