Guatemala E-Cups 16 Count Box

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We ROAST every TUESDAY. Ensure order is placed by 11pm Monday to guarantee Tuesday shipping or in-store pickup.

Essence in a Cup puts our artisan coffee - freshly roasted beans, ground and hand-packed - directly into your 10-ounce mug.

This is real specialty coffee, the kind that comes from a single-origin, hand-picked, sun-dried beans that are roasted with particular attention to their specific characteristics.  Our artisan coffee requires the one-of-a-kind obsession of a fanatic roaster - the kind Australia is famous for.

Owners Michael and Lesley Fewson launched Essence of Coffee in Perth, Western Australia, a coffee haven and one of the coolest destinations in the world.  The Fewsons then fell in love with the Black Hills of South Dakota, and brought their operation with them.

Essence in a Cup reflects a respect for generations of family farmers around the world – and a deep understanding of the smooth delicate, and distinguished flavors that each bean can produce.  Michael’s expertise begins with green bean selection and ends with a perfect balance of roasting temperature and time.  The result is an expression of his artistry, taste, and sensibility.

You can enjoy Michael’s finely crafted selection of flavors at an Essence of Coffee café – or at home.  This E-Cup represents decades of research, hard work, and true love.  Each purchase also supports the small farms and cooperatives around the world that grow coffee, year after year.

“We celebrate both the farmer and the coffee drinker,” Michael says, “We want the farming family to prosper, and we want you to enjoy exceptional coffee. We honor both through our roasting.”